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Local Events for Richmond Hill and Vicinity

Forest Park Fair Richmond Hill Block Association
Forest Park Fair
Saturday, September 13, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Come and enjoy the 41st Annual Forest Park Fair hosted by the Richmond Hill Block Association. All Invited-Free Admission! Lots of Fun and Entertainment for the entire family. Plenty of Food Vendors, Games and Rides, Arts and Crafts, Live Music on Stage, Raffles, Local Community Sponsors and Organizations. A Special Saturday in the Park! Location: Corner of Myrtle Avenue/Park Lane South, Richmond Hill, Queens NY. For more information, see Flyer.

More Local News

Richmond Hill High School Alumni Listings

Richmond Hill High School Alumni ListDid you graduate, teach, or attend Richmond Hill High School?

Register Here.
Check the Lisitings Here.

History of Richmond Hill High School Here.

Order Your Book on the History of Richmond Hill

Book - Images of America - Richmond HillThe Richmond Hill Historical Society has published a beautiful book on the history of Richmond Hill. Images of America : Richmond Hill contains over 200 historic photos (many never seen before) and wonderful text. To find out more and to order, Click Here!

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